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Alright, cat’s outta the bag. Admitting it here: on this track, the Raja no-overdubs rule was broken. But on this track only! We struggled with the decision but surrendered to the added flavor and spice of some agogo bell and tamborim overdubs which helped propel this infectious groove. Sorry listeners, but it seemed worth it and the additions were minimal.

Weisbach contributed musical elements; a fully rendered AfroCuban percussion section (our overdub rule dilemma started with all that percussion), a piano bass, and a slithery Persian shehnai melody. Newly performed arrangement reimagined by Raja.


from RAJA, released January 19, 2015



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In 1996, trio Raja set out to create a collection of adventurous, original instrumental music, primed for live performance.

Steve Foreman
Robert Mitchell
Bill Weisbach

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