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Choose your transport and travel with us to Moontown. Vibey with some big broad strokes to flow with eyes closed, as Mitchell and Weisbach improvise shapes over a spacious bass ostinato. More than 10 years later, Raja reformed briefly and performed this live; the whole club became a swarmy, swimmy, luscious moon trip.

Regarding dynamics: by today’s production practices, 16bit is no longer considered the ultimate recording / tracking resolution it once was; often its 96-or-so-dB of dynamic range just isn't enough to deliver the extremes of whisper to explosive musical dynamics. We sure could have gone for some more of that bit resolution on this one...


from RAJA, released January 19, 2015



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In 1996, trio Raja set out to create a collection of adventurous, original instrumental music, primed for live performance.

Steve Foreman
Robert Mitchell
Bill Weisbach

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